Double deep racking-Polymer Asia

Vinarack is honored to be chosen by Polymer Asia as a Double deep racking system provider.

Double deep racking is a form of shelf assembled from two rows of Selective double shelves against each other; thus minimizing the way for forklifts, increasing storage area

Polymer Asia is a joint venture between Vietnam and Germany, developed with German technology. The office of the company is located in Ho Chi Minh City and the factory is located in the Vietnam Industrial Park - Singapore II. Polymer Asia is an innovative company specializing in manufacturing Masterbatch and Compound from Vietnam. Polymer Asia's products include all kinds of masterbatch designed with special features and technical plastic compound applied to various industries such as electricity, transportation, automobile, office equipment, home appliances. , ... With 14 years in the industry, Polymer Asia has constantly developed a product portfolio with advanced testing equipment and machines from Japan and Europe to satisfy the increasing and multi-demand requirements. customer format.

As one of the special customers very cautious in the process of selecting the racking system. After visiting the double deep racking works that Vinarack has done, directly see the actual process of import/export operation, how to choose pallets and how to use specialized forklift to secure goods. At the most, Polymer Asia is completely convinced with this storage solution.

The Shelving System is designed by Vinarack as follows:
Shelf works Double deep Polymer Asia is designed by Vinarack to provide anti-subsidence rail, optimized for warehouses with weak foundation
The whole shelf system is divided into 4 zones: A, B C, D
+ High 7000mm x Length 33900mm x Width 5550mm (4 beam floors);
+ Load 1000kg/pallet;
+ Total quantity of Pallet goods stored in warehouse 2568 pallets.

* Double deep racking characteristics:
+ Higher storage capacity compared to Selective pallet racking system;
+ Basic investment on each pallet is equivalent to Selective pallet racking system;
+ Using Double deep racking forklifts for pallet import and export;
+ Import and export principle "Last in - First out (LIFO)";
+ The choice of goods reaches 50%.


Double deep racking-Polymer Asia