Pallet Nestainer Vinarack-Nissin Logistics Vietnam

Vinarack and Nissin Logistics Vietnam signed the acceptance, handover and put into use the Nestainer Vinarack industrial container frame of the general distribution warehouse shelf project in the South on 07/12/2011.

Nissin Logistics Vietnam is a company with 100% foreign invested capital in the field of aviation activities, transporting goods by air, transport, river, sea, container & agent, warehouse, distribution center goods in Vietnam...

Pallet Nestainer Vinarack is designed according to JIS-3101 (Japan) standard used by Nissin Logistics Vietnam Company to store electronic products, consumer goods ..., combined with Drive-in Racking system to enhance The ability to store goods in warehouses as well as to preserve goods is better.

Advantages of Nestainer Vinarack:
- When using: Nestainer Pallet is stacked together from 3 to 4 frames.
- When not in use: Nestainer Pallets are interlocked into piles of 6 to 8 pieces depending on the size of the Container Frame.
With the advantage of making the most of space, warehouse area and flexibility in use. So, Nestainer Pallet is commonly used in logistics service companies, goods distribution centers ...

Pallet Nestainer Vinarack Specifications:
- High 1550mm x Length 1450mm x Width 1250mm.
- Load 1000 kg/frame.
- The total amount of Nestainer Pallet delivered this time 200 pieces out of 850 delivered and put into use.
- All Nestainer Pallets are powder coated according to industry standards. Nestainer cargo frame system is checked and handed over and put into use to meet the technical requirements JIS-3101.

Nestainer Pallet system is produced, delivered completely at Nissin Logistics Vietnam warehouse for 25 days.


Pallet Nestainer Vinarack-Nissin Logistics Vietnam