Warehouse Elevator-Duy Tan Plastics

Vinarack and Duy Tan Plastics signed the acceptance, handover and put into use four Warehouse Elevator in the warehouse of the cargo floor system project on 11/08/2014.

At present, Duy Tan is one of the leading plastic companies in Vietnam that is loved and trusted by consumers, continuously being voted as "High quality Vietnamese goods" with many other prestigious awards.

The company's products with exquisite features rich in fine art, harmonious colors, convenient and durable features, are produced from modern equipment and closely managed production processes from the beginning to the Last stage, ensure perfect product quality. The company's products are manufactured from plastic materials that are hygienic and safe for consumers.

Warehouse Elevator is one of the indispensable products in the system of shelves, mezzanines in industrial zones today.

Warehouse Elevator Vinarack main body is made of high-strength steel (steel used to build tower crane body).

Warehouse Elevator Duy Tan project is designed to ensure absolute safety with the following safety control devices:

+ Safety device against falling: in case of trouble causing the cage to fall, the anti-fall brake set will operate immediately to tighten the gear and keep the cage standing still. And include anti-overload device, safety device to protect electrical system.
+ Control box: Installed on the outside of the lifting cage, the console helps users to operate comfortably, good observation and safety when working.
+ Cage ladders manufactured with the same standard frame with zinc or electrostatic painting can be combined into many different types with a lifting capacity of 1 ton to 2 tons.
+ The door system is designed to be very flexible when opened to create a bridge from Ladder to the shelf rack (convenient application in both passenger and cargo).
+ The pulley system is used for power cable, so that the cable is not twisted.
+ Standard cage frame is designed with spacious dimensions 3.2 x 1.5 x 2.7 m (Length x Width x Height - Clearance dimensions) or as required.


Warehouse Elevator-Duy Tan Plastics