Library shelves

Library shelves

Concepts of Library shelves

Library shelves are often used to store learning tools and equipment such as books, notebooks, newspapers, documents and records... this is an indispensable product in schools, bookstores, supermarkets...


Vinarack is committed to the products we manufacture to ensure quality, long life. The library shelf parts are assembled from separate parts, between the parts linked by hook and are shaped by mold so the size is always controlled accurately, assembled and moved easily easy. All shelves are electrostatically painted or galvanized against rust and clay.

Ability to store Library shelves

- Library of CDs and CDs;

- Records and files;

- Sports storage device;

- Profile;

- Large number of images and data.


Depending on the space, the actual area of the Customer, we will design to ensure aesthetics, in accordance with the existing premises, contain many books, notebooks, documents ... by designing mounting shelves close to walls or partition walls, can be easily used from two sides or shelves fitted with sliding doors.

Advantages of Library shelves

+ Easy to adjust the size of shelves according to user requirements;

+ Load capacity is diversified according to storage requirements from 30kg-150kg/shelf;

+ All details of the shelf for storage of office records are coated by Vinarack with electrostatic painting or galvanized according to the requirements of use;

+ Design and quality are manufactured by Vinarack according to European standards.


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Library shelves