Angle Slotted Shelving

Angle Slotted Shelving

Concept of Angle Slotted Shelving

Angle Slotted Shelving Vinarack has a variety of features. Widely used in all needs for the purpose of storing different goods. There are standard or non-standard sizes, can be customized according to customer requirements, easy to install in places with tight spaces.


Vinarack manufactures and supplies multi-purpose iron shelf components provided for all needs from customers.

+ Varied in size;

+ Shelf surface may be: tarpaulin, mica, plywood, Okal board, MDF, antistatic rubber lining...;

+ Easy installation in all warehouse areas;

+ Adjust the floor distance easily according to the purpose of use;

+ Widely used in: storage of office records, storage of spare parts for warehouses, storage of household items, display of good...;

+ All products of Vinarack shelf are electrostatically painted or galvanized with anti-rust during use.


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Angle Slotted Shelving