Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Racking

Concept of Carton Flow Racking:

Carton Flow Racking Vinarack is an automatic storage solution (Live Storage), designed according to the conveyor movement technique with slope, forming the moving force of the cargo boxes or trays moving to one side (do not use use pallet).


Carton Flow Racking Vinarack system is often used in cargo storage centers, warehouses, factories ... there are many categories but the number of goods is not much or goods export / import according to the principle of "First in - First"/ FIFO.

Automatic shipping boxes or trays should take advantage of the gaps, the goods are exported / imported continuously according to the principle of First in - First. Cargo boxes or trays will be placed on sloping ramps and slid away by rollers. When taking out a container or tray, the next container or tray will automatically fill in the space with the addition of the other end. Movement speed is controlled by deceleration devices.


Advantages of Carton Flow Racking

+ This solution is often applied in warehouses with many types of goods such as spare parts, food, pharmaceuticals ...;

+ Suitable in dry warehouse or cool storage;

+ Increasing the efficiency of selecting goods on the principle of "Pre-import - Export first" / FIFO;

+ Can design layout according to storage requirements;

+ No forklifts needed.


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Carton Flow Racking