Double Deep Racking

Double-deep Racking

Double-deep Racking: 

The Double Deep Racking is also a Selective racking which is assembled from two rows of Selective Racking double backs against each other. Thus reducing the way for forklifts, increasing storage area.

With experience in manufacturing design, Vinarack provides many smart goods storage solutions (WMS) from this type of shelf. Double Deep Racking shelf solution provides maximum storage performance for stock stores.


Specifications of Double Deep Racking: 

+ Higher storage capacity than Selective Racking system; 

+ The average average investment rate on each pallet is equivalent to Selective Racking;

+ Requires the use of specialized forklifts, the more the driver gets inside, the deeper it is to import / export pallets. 

+ Import and export principle "Import later - Export first (LIFO)"; 

+ Storage height can reach 10m; 

+ The area of used warehouse reaches 40% of the area; 

+ The choice of goods reaches 50%.


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Double Deep Racking