Drive-in Racking

Drive-in Racking

Concept of Drive-in Racking

A kind of uniform pallet storage, large cargo density, high investment efficiency, eliminating the way for forklifts between racks. This is a cargo shelf system that makes the most of the storage area. Usually this type of shelf is combined with other shelves such as Selective Racking, Double Deep Racking ... forming a mixed storage racking system. Particularly suitable for storing large quantities of homogenous products.


Drive-In pallet storage system is designed with rail to support pallet throughout the depth of the shelf system, with the function of both load and guide the pallet. Pallets are placed side by side along the depth of the rail support. Each such rail can be designed to be 1 to 8 pallets or more, 2 to 6 levels high in rail.

This shelf system is classified into two types according to the principle of import and export as follows:

Drive-Through Racking/Advance Entry - First In - First Out/FIFO

The Drive-Through pallet system is designed to import and export goods from one direction. This shelf price system will be exported first according to the principle (first in - first out/FIFO). With this Drive-I /Drive-Through system, the investment cost is low, but the storage capacity is high

+ Use 60% of storage area when using this type of shelf;
+ The choice of goods reaches 30%;


Drive-In Racking / Import Later - Export first (First In - Last Out/FILO)

Drive Shelf System - In pallet is designed to import and export goods from one direction. This shelf system of imported goods will be exported first according to the principle (first in - last out/FILO)

Advantages of racking system Drive-In Racking

+ This solution gives low investment costs but pallet capacity in warehouses is much higher;
+ Maximum use of space, warehouse space; 
+ Advantages for using various types of forklift trucks;
+ Can be designed with "FILO" or "FIFO" solution depending on the demand of storage or when storing with a large number of products of the same type; 
+ Through actual supply in Vietnam market, this shelf system is very suitable for many industries including basic industries, food, and especially the fisheries, cold storage ...;


+ Can store goods with high density; 

+ Reduce the area for forklifts; 

+ Especially suitable for storing goods with a time of use (date); 

+ Easy to upgrade and expand the shelf; 

+ Choice of goods 30%;

+ Designed with a solid structure, safe according to FEM (EU) standards, meeting the best standards of load and safety;
+ Construction and installation is easy and fast; 
+ The components of Drive-in/Drive-Through racking system are standardized so the installation is very fast;

Drive-in/Drive-Through shelf solutions are interlinked, forming a unified way of keeping the shelf system from using problems, increasing the service life and time.


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Drive-in Racking