Medium Duty Rack

Medium Duty Rack

Concept of Medium Duty Racking

Medium Duty Racking Vinarack are miniature Selective Racking images (pillars,  beams, floor coverings, etc.), which are suitable for medium load goods. Store a  variety of goods in various sizes and shapes. Suitable load from 200 - 500 kg/shelf, corresponding to the length of the bar (beam bar) from 1m - 2.5m.


Advantages of Medium Duty Racking

+ Medium Duty Racking system suitable for loading and unloading goods by hand or using a ladder car;

+ Easy to adjust the distance between shelves according to usage requirements;

+ Shelf shelves are lined with tole tray, plywood, mesh ...;

+ All Medium Duty Racking details are electrostatically painted or galvanized by Vinarack as required;

+ Suitable for building warehouse system with narrow walkways.


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Medium Duty Rack