Mesh Pallet Cage

Mesh Pallet Cage

Advantages of Mesh pallet cage:

- Mesh pallet cage is manufactured using quality steel materials, thus having high durability and large load capacity.

- Achieve technical standards and fixed volume, so it is convenient to buy this product from Unirack


- The entire Pallet Cage is electrostatic or galvanized painted so it is antioxidant and has a long life;

- Manufactured according to international standards and can be used in combination with other storage shelves to enhance the use of warehouse space effectively;

- Ability to stack up to 4 and perform 3-way storage;

- Environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment during use as well as storage, conversion and recycling;

- Implementing efficient operation in combination with the price of mixed storage racks, elevators, hoist and other equipment.


- Pallet mesh fitted with additional wheels to be able to move freely in the process of using the product;

- Mobile design, can be folded;

- The net crates can be stacked on top of each other;

- Manipulating loading by forklifts;

- Suitable for containing spare parts - supplies;

- Load from 1000 -3000 Kg.

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Mesh Pallet Cage