Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines

Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines

Concept of Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines

Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines is like Mezzanine Floors but warehouse has space for height so it can increase the number of floors to 2-3 floors or more as required by customers.

Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines is the best solution to make the most of warehouse space, easy to move and remove, suitable for all types of warehouses, low investment costs to create new space quickly


Goods are put on the floor by ladders or forklifts; On the floor, use forklifts to operate and arrange goods. 

Especially this floor system is designed in accordance with the requirements of each use purpose.

With the experience of designing, manufacturing and installing of Vinarack, the floor of multi-storey Vinaracking meets the highest requirements from customers about the features as well as the economics of products.


Advantages of Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines:

- Goods are safely preserved;

- Loading and unloading easily and conveniently for warehouse management;

- The traffic volume is quite large;

- Slow shipment speed;

- Ability to select, easy.

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Multi-Tier Storage Mezzanines