Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking

Concept of Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking is a sliding racking system in one direction. Pallet Flow Racking Vinarack is an automated storage solution (Live Storage), designed according to a slope conveyor technique that creates the moving force of pallets of goods moving on one side.


Pallet Flow Racking system is often used in warehouses with large quantity of export / import goods according to the principle of " First in - First out" (FIFO). Automated pallets should take advantage of gaps and stored goods will alternate for shipment. 

Cargo pallets will be placed on ramps and slipped on rollers. When removing a pallet, the next pallet will automatically fill in the gap with the addition from the other end. Pallet speeds are controlled by deceleration devices.


Specifications  of Pallet Flow Racking

+ This solution is often applied to warehouses with products of the same type such as food, pharmaceuticals ...;

+ This shelf is often used in dry storage, cold storage or cool storage environments;

+ Used to increase the efficiency of selection of goods on the principle of "First in - First out" / FIFO;

+ Can be arranged from 2 pallets to 20 pallets of goods in depth of shelf system;

+ Do not require specialized forklifts;

+ Importing goods according to the list automatically forklift trucks do not have to move deeply into the shelf system;

+ Higher capital investment compared to other types of shelves (Push Back, Drive in / Thru ...);

+ Adjusting and installing is more difficult than other shelves.


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Pallet Flow Racking