Push Back Racking


Concept of Push Back Racking:

Push Back Racking system Vinarack provides high density storage capacity and is used to store a variety of sizes and pallet sizes on the same shelf, it can hold 2 to 3 even 4 pallets on the same shelf in depth like Drive - in shelves.


The pallets on the same compartment will be placed on sliding frames and they will slip all the way inside while entering the goods. When taking out the goods, the sliding frames will automatically drift forward and fill in the gap.

Push Back Racking racks have high stocking performance like Drive -in Vinarack racks but save time when importing and exporting because forklifts run into shelves.

Specification of Push Back Racking Vinarack

+ Take advantage of optimal cargo space;
+ Suitable for storage with large quantities of goods, time for cargo handling to take place quickly; 
+ Can push up to 4 pallets of goods;
+ Which goods are put first, then take them back (FILO); 
+ No need to walk in the middle of the shelves like Drive -in Racking, Selective Racking ...


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Push Back Racking