Stackable pallet

Stackable pallet

Concept of Stackable pallet

Stackable pallet Vinarack is a flexible solution for warehouses. The container frame replaces the fixed storage shelves, in order to improve the storage of goods in the warehouse as well as the preservation of goods better.


When using: the container frame is overlapped from 03 to 04 layers. 

When not in use: the containers are neatly stacked together. 

Load capacity from 500kg to 2000kg. 

Standard sizes are available or designed as required.

Unirack cargo frame advantages:

- Increase the ability to use warehouse storage space;
- Improve labor / equipment efficiency; 
- Warehousing is organized science;
- Increase flexibility; 
- Improving product protection better;
- Container frame is powder coated by Unirack.

The stacked pallet frame is easy to relocate, so changing warehouse storage plans is no longer difficult. Currently stacked pallets are a storage solution that many businesses choose.


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Stackable pallet