Steel Pallet Powder Coating

Steel Pallet Powder Coating

Concept of Steel Pallet Powder Coating

Steel Pallet Powder Coating is a convenient means of transporting and arranging goods that are commonly used today. Sturdy design, high bearing capacity, storage for many different goods.


Steel Pallet Powder Coating is manufactured with modern technology:

+ Resistant to heavy loads;

+ Electrostatic painting according to European technology process, so it has high durability, anti-rust;

+ Used in cold storage and outside environment;

+ A good friction surface with a lift should prevent falling down when lifting goods, help move goods in stock in a neat and fastest way.

Characteristics of Steel Pallet Powder Coating:

+ Load capacity: 1000 - 2000Kg (depending on customer requirements);

+ Paint color: blue, orange, gray or as required;

+ All are powder coated or galvanized with anti-rust - oxidation and non-toxic;

+ How to import goods: depending on how the pallet is arranged, it is possible to use forklift, trolley or pick up goods by hand;


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Steel Pallet Powder Coating