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Warranty service


After more than 15 years of operation with very few complaints from customers, Vinarack knows that Vinarack's industrial shelf products have high durability to the smallest details. Vinarack fully believes in its products and sets a 5-year warranty, a guarantee that not only helps to limit errors in production but also gives customers the confidence to choose Vinarack as supplier of products for warehouse storage systems.

Vinarack is always responsible for customers !!!

As a professional manufacturer, Vinarack is not only a manufacturer that only provides products for you but is out of duty, in addition to offering a 5-year warranty period, Vinarack is always ready to support and repair products when there are problems due to collisions with forklifts or other factors that are damaged by Vinarack cargo racks will solve problems quickly for customers.


Vinarack brings many devices to increase the capacity of rack mounts to withstand the effects of forklifts. However, regardless of the type of construction and the number of equipment that can be used for failure, customers are encouraged to develop and maintain a regular maintenance inspection program for the shelf system. ensure shelf safety is always at the highest level of safety. Damaged parts should be removed immediately and a warning is no longer usable until the damage is repaired or the parts are replaced.

Inspection and repair must be done by qualified personnel.

Please contact Vinarack for more support programs to maintain the racking system of customers.


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