Mobile Ladder-Castrol

Castrol and Vinarack signed for acceptance, handover and use of mobile ladders to support the import and export of goods in stock.

Castrol is the world's leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases and services related to car, marine, aviation and oil drilling worldwide. . The UK-based company operates directly in more than 46 countries and employs about 7500 employees worldwide.

Mobile Ladder is an essential product for unloading light weight, forklift trucks. With 4-wheel design and protection barrier, the operation of ladder trucks becomes easy and safe. The details of the ladder are linked by bolts, easily and quickly dismantled.

Technical Features of Vinarack Mobile Ladder:
+ Steel produced according to Japanese JIS standards.
+ Powder coating production according to European standards (Oxyplast-Belgium).
-> paint color according to Bao Chanh-Vinarack standard.
+ Tolerance of materials: steel ± 5%, plank of ± 10%.
+ Tolerance of product size: maximum of ± 5% (per unit of calculation).
+ Hammock: 0.5%.
+ High safety factor.

Information of Mobile Ladder works is as follows:
+ Size: High 2350mm x Length 1400mm x Width 650mm;
+ Load: 100kg / car;
+ Mobile ladder is designed with wheels: 2 unlocked wheels and 2 locked wheels;
+ All mobile elevator details are assembled by bolts;
+ Powder coating according to European standards, paint colors required by customers.

Mobile Ladder is manufactured and installed by Vinarack in 10 days.


Mobile Ladder-Castrol